Dec 1, 2016



The most popular TV show in Korea will meet the most popular idol boy group in Korea.
That is the combination of MBC TV’s “The Infinite Challenge” show and BIG BANG. This best-possible combination for an entertainment TV show will mark the grand finale of the year 2016. According to a broadcasting insider, BIG BANG and “The Infinite Challenge” have recently agreed on and confirmed BIG BANG’s appearance in the show by the end of this year.
The insider said to Sports Chosun on November 30, “Actually, BIG BANG’s appearance in the show was discussed from last year, but the timing was missed unfortunately. So they have been looking for the right time for BIG BANG’s appearance in the show. Finally, it was confirmed to be the end of this year. As the combination of BIG BANG and ‘The Infinite Challenge’ is not an easy one, all related people are now contemplating upon what will be the best kind of format for BIG BANG’s episode of the show”. BIG BANG’s will appear in “The Infinite Challenge” show as a complete team for the first time in five years since their last appearance in the show in 2011.
The combination of “The Infinite Challenge” and BIGBANG is drawing keen attention, as it bears significant meaning. “The Infinite Challenge” and BIG BANG have been the leader of each one’s respective field of broadcasting and music, for the past 10 years of great changes.
“The Infinite Challenge” show has been aired for 11 years. It played a great role as the best TV show in Korea this year, too, giving best entertainment and lessons to its viewers. BIG BANG who marked the 10th anniversary of their debut this year fascinated music fans in Korea and the world once again, with “M.A.D.E” project that began last year. And now, BIG BANG will round off the year of their 10th anniversary by appearing in Korea’s best TV show “The Infinite Challenge” and will have the most meaningful memory before the team’s eldest member T.O.P joins the police for his mandatory military service.
In the meantime, BIG BANG will officially release their third full album “M.A.D.E” on December 12, eight years after their last full album. On January 7 and 8 in 2017, BIG BANG will hold concerts at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul. The BIGBANG episode of “The Infinite Challenge” show will be broadcasted in mid-December.
Source: Sports Joseon/Chosun via YG Life

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