Stage names: Taeyang (Korean for sun), Sol
Real name: Dong YoungBae
Birthday: May 18th, 1988

Star sign: taurus
Position: main vocalist, choreographer, main dancer
Height: 1,73m
Blood type: B
Lucky Charm: a sun with a crown on it and a YB on its top (=to become the best in the music industry)
Skills: rapping, singing, dancing, beatboxing, song-writing
Spoken languages: korean, japanese, english
Education: Daejin University in Theater and Film
Hobbies: singing, dancing, listening to music, watching TV, gardening, basketball
Likes: summer, church, games, manhwas, clothes (most of all caps etc), his dog Boss
Religion: christian
Favourite Musicians: Michael Jackson, Usher, Omarion, Justin Timberlake
Family: Parents and older brother Dong Hyun-Bae


YoungBae was a child actor when he was in 5th grade and his first appearance was in Jinusean’s MV for “A-yo” where he played the little sean. Inspired by this group, he decided to join YG Entertainment where he was trained as a rapper first. His rapping debut was in YG Family’s second album in 2002 under the name “Taekwon V” which he chose by himself. One year later he participated in Wheesung’s song “Player” and he also collaborated with Se7en for the songs “Give me permission” and “Run”. A lot of live performances with Swi.T, Jinusean, Lexy, Masta Wu, and Se7en followed and appearances on YG Family’s “One” concerts. Actually, it was scheduled that YoungBae would debut with his friend G-Dragon as GDYB (for G-Dragon and YB Taekwon) but however YG changed this plan and announced that a 4-6 member group would be formed. Finally he debuted with Big Bang as a singer under the stage name “Taeyang” which means “sun” in korean.
On May 22nd 2008 he released his first solo album “Hot”, a mini album which included 6 songs, after working together with Lexy on her album “The Lexy” where he was featured in the intro “Get Up” and “Rush”. The first single of “Hot” was “Look at only me” which topped various charts followed by the song “Prayer” featuring Teddy. In 2009 Taeyang released the two digital singles “Where U At” and “Wedding Dress”.
His first full length album “Solar” was released on July 1st 2010 in three versions: one “Regular Edition”, one “Deluxe Edition” and an international version. The deluxe edition included two more tracks: “Look at only me” and “Prayer” of “Hot”. The album was a hit in Korea but mostly internationally and topped various charts including iTunes. Taeyang started his promotions with “I need a girl” featuring G-Dragon and “I’ll be there” which was in an international edition. This version had an english version of “Wedding Dress”, a korean and an english version of “I’ll be there” and the song “Connection” with Big Tone featured in.

In 2013


  • he always puts all of his effort in everything
  • doesn’t like to fight
  • he talks about his problems with his oponent
  • he is a good listener and thinks a lot before he says anything
  • in Big Bang he is the “daddy”
  • his interest in music came up when he listened to Brian McKnight’s album when he was a child
  • he can cook ramyun and kimchil well
  • when he was young he had a nightmare of a unicorn riding on his mom and flying away
  • when he was asked what love is, he answered with “diarrhea” (2002)
  • he talks while sleeping
  • he has never had a girlfriend before but he wants to have one and marry her right away
  • he used to be very shy in front of women but it has gotten better
  • his first kiss was during the filming of “My Girl” in 2006: “Last September(2006) when we had our 2nd single out, at the music video set. The girl was the actress Lee Suh Ra. A little bit but many times. What? I couldn’t help it!” He texted his the other Big Bang members soon after with “HYUNGS IM DEAD!” (them: what happened?)’I KISSED THE GIRL!!’
  • dislikes people who make face judgements about them
  • when he was asked which member he would date if he was a girl, he picked Daesung (but in a newer interview he said he would like to stay single in that case)
  • he stated that if he wasn’t a music artist he would be a gag man
  • he chooses love over work
  • some of his favourite songs are: Frankie J.-Don’t wanna try, Bruno Mars-Just the way you are
  • he always carries his bible, an english dictionary,his Ipod and energy drinks in his bag
  • he loves his dog Boss and sees his as one of his best friends (RIP Boss..)

    This is Taeyang's new Dog, Homie:

  • his big dream is to become a good father
  • he wants his ideal girl to be his soulmate, she should listen to him and they should share the same interests, she should show passion in the things she does because to him passion makes a person sexy, she should inspire him to write good songs and she should push him to work harder
  • during trainee days G-Dragon and he were the ones who ripped their pants the most
  • his ONLY conflict with G-Dragon was when they were younger during a basketball game
  • G-Dragon and he are friends since they are 12 years old
  • he studied Japanese since 2004 for Big Bang’s promotions in Japan
  • he treasures his piano very much because his mother bought it to him
  • his #1 speed dial on his cell phone is “mom”
  • he thinks that his biceps is the sexiest part of his body
  • he likes his side-profile


mini album HOT (2008):

digital single: Where u at (2009):
digital single Wedding Dress (2009):
full album SOLAR (2010):
SOLAR International (2010):


Rise (2014)


  • Wheesung ft. Taeyang: Player (2003)
  • Seven ft. Taeyang: Give me permission (2006)
  • Lexy ft. Taeyang: Get Up (2007)
  • Lexy ft. Taeyang: Rush (2007)
  • Kim Jo Han ft. Taeyang: A little bit you’re gonna love (2007)
  • YMGA ft. Taeyang: Real Talk (2008)
  • G-Dragon ft. Taeyang: Korean Dream (2009)
  • Thelma Aoyama ft. Taeyang: Fall in Love (2009)
  • Swings ft. Taeyang: By Instinct (2011)
  • M-Flo ft. Taeyang: Go Crazy (2014)


  1. 1st Solo concert HOT
  2. 2nd Solo concert SOLAR


  • First Solo Concert DVD HOT
  • Second Solo Concert DVD SOLAR
  • Real Sound


-The 6th Korean Music Awards: Best RnB/Soul Song
-The 6th Korean Musik Awards: Best Rnb/Soul Album of the Year
-Naver Music Song of the Year- Look at only me
-Melon Music Award Best RnB Award for Look at only me 
-MAMA Awards 2010: Best Male Solo Artist
-Allkpop Awards 2010: Best Male Solo Artist

Social Networks & Sites

Taeyang’s official page: YG Taeyang
Taeyang’s official Twitter: Realtaeyang
Taeyang’s official Youtube Channel: YG Taeyang
Taeyang’s private Youtube Channel: TheTeydaddy
Taeyang’s official me2day: Solofbb
Taeyang's Instagram: youngbeezyy


  1. The last fact is false cause TaeYang is a drinker and is a strong drinker too! =)

  2. @willis the facts i wrote here are a bit older~ they released this info about him jzst few weeks ago..i will delete it tho cuz it's not legit anymore^^

  3. You should put a pic of Homme up :D and maybe mention that Boss died :(

  4. @sarah latimer good idea!:) thank you for reminding me:)

  5. please write new facts about Taeyang, he changed more and he had grown up, thanx^^

  6. taeyang I LOVE YOU SO MUCH as a friend hahahahaaa ^3^

  7. taeyang I LOVE YOU SO MUCH as a friend hahahahaaa ^3^