Nov 20, 2016



Group BIG BANG has begun Japan dome tour concert. BIG BANG has held Japan dome tour for four years in a row, which is the first-ever case in the country for a foreign artist.
On November 5 and 6, BIG BANG successfully finished the Tokyo Dome show of their Japan dome tour “BIGBANG10 THE CONCERT : 0.TO.10 – THE FINAL –“.
Each show at Tokyo dome was filled with more than 55,000 fans. The concerts started with “MY HEAVEN”, the song for BIG BANG’s debut in Japan’s major music scene. When the five of BIG BANG members appeared on the stage to magnificent strings sound, the acclamation from 55,000 fans surrounded the entire concert hall.
During the performance of “GARA GARA GO!!”, the entire audience in the hall was like a great choir. Following solo and unit performances of BIG BANG members further heated up the atmosphere in Tokyo dome.
G-Dragon said, “I believe the climax of the ten years of BIG BANG is today. A lot of things have happened along the way we’ve come here today, but we could overcome those all thanks to the members and you, fans. I really thank you”.
T.O.P also expressed his gratitude by saying, “These days, I’m surprised by how fast time flies. With the time, good memories with you are also building up, so my heart is filled with joy. For me personally, this concert at Tokyo Dome might be my last visit to Tokyo, so each and every one of you here is all the more important to me. Please look forward to the upcoming new album of BIG BANG.”
The climax of the show was the performance of “BANG BANG BANG” and “FANTASTIC BABY”. Passion of BIG BANG members and the audience in unity resonated in the entire dome. For the two days of the show, BIG BANG presented total two hours and 45 minutes of performances for 22 hit songs of the past 10 years, to fascinate all the audience.
YG’s head producer Yang Hyun Suk and the five members of SECHSKIES visited BIG BANG’s Tokyo dome concert, to support them. Yang Hyun Sukunveiled his photo with BIG BANG and SECHSKIES on his social media account, to draw big attention.
BIG BANG’s Japan dome tour this year will continue at Yafuoku! Dome in Fukuoka on November 19 (Sat.) and 20 (Sun.); at Kyocera Dome in Osaka on November 25 (Fri.), 26 (Sat.), and 27 (Sun.); at Nagoya Dome on December 2 (Fri.), 3 (Sat.), and 4 (Sun.); at Yafuoku! Dome in Fukuoka on December 9 (Wed.), 10 (Sat.), and 11 (Sun.); at Kyocera Dome in Osaka on December 27 (Tue.); and at Kyocera Dome in Osaka again in encore, on December 28 (Wed.) and 29 (Thu.). Total 16 shows in four cities in Japan will entertain 781,500 fans in the country.
Source: OSEN via YG Life

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